Mission Statement - Nigeria



We intend to facilitate trade school/ vocational skills, scholarship, and computer literacy.

Daily Needs

Clothing, food and accommodation.


Emotional and physical wellness.

Mission Statement - America

Dorothy’s Daughters, Inc. is a nonprofit corporation organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes, specifically to invest in young girls, to give them the confidence and tools they need to succeed.

Dorothy’s Daughters seeks to provide young girl child with positive, influential role models that will enhance their self esteem. social competence, and academic achievement.


Our Vision is to assist orphanages and orphans in their daily needs, mental health and education.

We aim to tap into Nigeria and by extension Africa’s rich artistic creative and cultural heritage in drama, song and dance, as a vehicle to empower the lives of the less privilege children in Nigeria and African communities, as a podium to empower their lives positively.

We also intend to reach out to the girl child and young women to enhance their self-esteem social competence and academic achievement.

Our Work


We aim to give a child a secure place where they can feel safe, also to make sure that the orphanage that they do reside in is in compliance with the law, rules and regulations.


We intend to cover the nakedness of the orphan child, to give dignity back to the child by removing the rags from their backs and replacing them with adequate clothing to restore their self-confidence.

Computer Literacy

We intend to offer an after-school computer class, to equip the children with computer skills, to aid them in the new digital age.


We intend to provide nutrients food for orphans in order for them to grow into healthy adults for the future.


We intend to provide incentive/funding to orphans to help further their education, through primary and college.

Trade Schools

Vocational skills – where the children are enriched by acquiring skills such as sewing, shoemaking, farming, hairdressing etc. to better equip them for the future to become productive adults both for themselves as well as the community.


A collection of photos from our Christmas 2020 visit as well as other visits to the orphanage home.

Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves. Make a difference in a child’s life every little helps.

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